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Struggling with AC problems? Lack of maintenance is often the main cause of recurring air conditioning issues. And air filter replacement is one of the most important maintenance tasks that need to be carried out. 

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How Often Do Phoenix Homeowners Need AC Filter Replacement?

With extremely hot weather here in the Phoenix metro area, your air conditioning system is an essential part of your home. Regular care and maintenance of your AC system is crucial to ensuring your continued comfort. But how often should you replace the air filter? Frequency of AC filter replacement will depend on your particular needs.

If you have pets or smokers in your household, try to replace the AC filter every two months.

If there are members of your household suffering from chronic respiratory issues, asthma, or allergies, AC filter replacement is recommended once a month.

For all other households in the Phoenix metro area, AC filter replacement is recommended at least every three months.

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Let Our Phoenix AC Filter Replacement Professionals Help You Select the Right Type of Filter for Your Home

Frequency of AC filter replacement is also influenced by the type of filter you use. The right type of filter for your home should be able to consistently maintain an ideal level of comfort for you and your household.

Many homeowners use pleated AC filters, which offer the best value. Pleated filters are efficient at trapping smaller particles and have a larger surface area, so they can typically be replaced every two or three months.

Fiberglass filters are another popular option. They are less costly compared to pleated AC filters, but can end up costing you more over time since fiberglass filters often require replacement every month. 

If you have household members with chronic health conditions, you may be concerned about your indoor air quality and wondering if you should start using HEPA filters. While these are highly effective and efficient at capturing a larger number of allergens and particles, this also means a greater chance of experiencing restricted airflow. This is why HEPA filters are often recommended for commercial HVAC systems instead of residential use; commercial systems have a greater capacity to complement the high efficiency of HEPA air filters.

No matter your needs, our experts will take the time to discuss your concerns and help you determine the best type of AC filter to use in your home.

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