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More than a third of your energy bill goes towards cooling your home. And with our heavy reliance on air conditioners for most of the year here in the Phoenix metro area, we need to make sure our cooling equipment is running at peak efficiency.

Work with the AC repair professionals your neighbors in the Phoenix area trust when it comes to quality service and long-term peace of mind. At Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation we take the time to understand our customers’ needs and will go above and beyond to help make your home more comfortable.

Contact us today to schedule immediate service for AC repair in Phoenix or surrounding areas in the Valley, including Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and other nearby communities.

AC Repair Done Right in the Phoenix Metro Area

Is your air conditioner running but not providing any cool air at all? Do you hear loud or unusual noises coming from the indoor or outdoor units? Contact our experts for professional inspection and troubleshooting.

AC issues are typically linked to poor maintenance or a poor installation, which can cause your system to strain and work harder than it needs to. As a result, you may experience some of the more common AC problems such as frozen evaporator coils, blower motor damage, overflowing drain pans, and low refrigerant levels.

Warning signs of AC trouble include system short cycling or a lack of cool air. If you are experiencing AC issues, reach out to our experts at Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation for immediate troubleshooting and repair services in the Phoenix metro area.

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Common Causes of AC Breakdowns

Need Tempe, Chandler, or Phoenix AC repair? Regardless of the issue you’re facing, if you’re looking for quality HVAC repair near you, Ideal Air’s AC technicians can help you get to the source of your breakdown. Our NATE-certified technicians are skilled in diagnosing the problem and finding a solution. Below is a list of common issues with AC systems we see in Arizona:

  • In some cases, faulty wiring can make the AC system malfunction and can even create a fire hazard.
  • A refrigerant leak can cause low refrigerant levels that bring about a system malfunction, inadequate cooling, and high utility bills. 
  • If your outside fan isn’t working, your system can overheat, resulting in further damage to the air conditioning in your Phoenix area home. 
  • A faulty thermostat or lack of power can cause your outside system not to operate. 
  • If your coil is frozen, due to a dirty filter, this can indicate an airflow restriction and cause your system to completely stop working. 
  • If you have a split AC system and the upper condensate drain line is draining water, this indicates that your primary drain line is clogged and water is running through your secondary drain line, which will eventually rust your secondary drain pan and cause water damage to your ceiling or exterior wall.

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At Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation we are committed to your whole-home comfort. When it comes to assessing and analyzing your indoor comfort needs, our experts won’t just focus on your air conditioning system. We provide a comprehensive approach that covers every aspect of your home construction, including your ductwork and insulation.

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