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Looking for a reliable HVAC professional who can help with ductless air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance? Our experts at Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation have the training and experience to handle all of your ductless mini split AC needs. Whether you are installing a new system for the first time or you are having issues with an existing system, you can count on our team to provide the quality solutions you deserve.

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    The Benefits of Ductless & Ducted Mini Split Heat Pumps

    • Energy efficient operation
    • Reduced cooling bills
    • Most can also be used to heat your home in the winter
    • Some require no central ductwork
    • Flexible installation options
    • Minimizes energy waste
    • Offers whole home comfort
    • A great way to cool down individual Arizona rooms, garages, or additions

    What Is a Mini Split?

    Mini splits are a kind of air source heat pump, and like other heat pumps, they consist of an outdoor and an indoor unit and are much more efficient than even the most energy efficient AC or furnace, leading to reduced energy bills all year round. A mini split’s outdoor condenser unit is much smaller than that of a regular heat pump, so it doesn’t require as much space outside. The majority of mini splits offer both cooling and heating settings, letting you stay comfortable all year long for less, but they also come as straight cooling systems, in case all you’re trying to do is only cool a space (like a garage, for example).

    There are two main types of mini splits: ductless and ducted. Below we’ll cover some of the differences for comparison:

    Ductless Mini Splits

    Ductless mini split systems do not require ductwork to blow cold air in your home, which helps reduce your home’s heat load and eliminates the potential cool air and energy loss through holes in the ductwork.

    The indoor unit of a ductless mini split is installed directly in the rooms of your home where you need conditioned air with one or more indoor high wall, ceiling cassette, or floor mounted unit, and are controlled by either a remote control or a WiFi enabled thermostat. If wall space is a concern, they also come in the form of recessed ceiling cassettes or floor mounted indoor units. This makes them a flexible HVAC solution for single room additions, garages, Arizona rooms made of glass, or an entire home!

    Ducted Mini Splits

    Ducted mini splits function much like traditional split heat pump systems and come paired with a ducted air handler. What separates them is that they have inverter driven compressors that intelligently deliver the exact amount of heating and cooling needed at any given time. They have the ability to ramp their airflow and compressor speed up and down depending on how hot (or cold) it is outside, in order to keep the temperatures in your home optimal and provide you with constant comfort. This type of system is also known as a variable capacity or variable speed system.

    Zoned Cooling and the Benefits of Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning for Phoenix Homeowners

    Ductless mini split ACs can help your household enjoy individualized comfort. These systems split your home into separate cooling zones, where one indoor unit equals one zone. The typical home will have three to five zones, or three to five indoor units installed and connected to one outdoor unit.

    With zoned cooling, you can have different temperature settings for different areas of your home. For example, if you have a guest room that is rarely used, you can have the AC there set a bit higher while your own room is set at a more comfortable temperature. 

    Ductless mini split AC systems let you enjoy the benefits of zoned cooling, leading to a more comfortable home environment and potential savings on your energy bill. If you are interested in learning more about the ductless mini split AC installation process and taking advantage of its benefits, call our Phoenix ductless AC experts today for an in-home assessment.

    Ductless mini split ac system outdoor condensing unit

    Customized Home Comfort Solutions with Ducted or Ductless Mini Split Installation

    Do some areas of your home need to be cooled down in the summer much more than others? Do your family members have different sleeping temperature preferences? Wouldn’t it be nice to not pay to keep your kitchen or dining room as cool as your bedroom at night when you’re asleep? Is there a room or area of your home without duct vents that gets way too hot in the summer?

    Mini split heat pumps can be used in a number of different configurations and can operate completely independently from each other, giving you greater control over your home HVAC system than central air conditioning.

    Ductless Mini Split AC Repair and Maintenance in the Phoenix Metro Area

    While ductless AC systems don’t require ductwork, this doesn’t mean they don’t need any maintenance. Ductless mini split air conditioners require routine maintenance and care just like standard AC systems. A poorly maintained ductless AC system will fail to provide you with the level of cooling you need; it can also develop leaks, which can cause damage to your walls or result in mold growth.

    If you are having issues with one or more of the indoor units, reach out to our Phoenix ductless mini split AC experts for immediate troubleshooting. We will identify the source of your cooling problem and help you get your ductless mini split system running efficiently again as soon as possible.

    Contact us today for quality solutions to your ductless mini split AC concerns. Serving the needs of Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding metro area.


    While ductless mini-split systems offer numerous advantages, there are a few potential disadvantages to consider:

    • Higher Initial Cost: Ductless mini-split systems can have higher upfront costs compared to traditional central HVAC systems. The cost includes the purchase of the indoor and outdoor units, installation, and any necessary electrical work.
    • Limited Capacity: Each indoor unit of a ductless mini-split system has a specific cooling and heating capacity. If you have a larger space or multiple rooms to cool or heat, you may need multiple indoor units, which can increase the overall cost.
    • Aesthetics: The indoor units of a ductless mini-split system are visible within the room and can be less aesthetically appealing to some homeowners. However, modern designs have improved significantly, and many units are now sleek and unobtrusive.
    • Maintenance: Ductless mini-split systems require regular maintenance, including cleaning or replacing filters, cleaning the indoor unit’s coils, and ensuring the outdoor unit remains free of debris.
    • Professional Installation: While some DIY enthusiasts may attempt to install a ductless mini-split system themselves, it is generally recommended to hire a professional for proper installation. This adds to the initial cost of the system.

    Despite these potential disadvantages, ductless mini-split systems are still a popular choice for their flexibility, energy efficiency, and zoning capabilities. It’s important to assess your specific needs and consider these factors before making a decision.

    Ductless mini-split systems can be worth the cost depending on your specific needs and circumstances. Here are some factors to consider:

    • Energy Efficiency: Ductless mini-splits are known for their high energy efficiency. They allow for zoned heating and cooling, enabling you to heat or cool specific areas, avoiding energy waste in unoccupied rooms.
    • Cost Savings: The energy efficiency of ductless mini-splits can result in significant cost savings on utility bills over time, especially compared to less efficient heating and cooling systems.
    • Flexibility and Comfort: Ductless mini-splits offer individual temperature control in different zones, providing personalized comfort. They are ideal for additions, converted spaces, or homes without existing ductwork.
    • Easy Installation: Compared to traditional ducted systems, ductless mini-splits are typically easier and quicker to install, resulting in lower installation costs.
    • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Ductless systems have advanced filtration options, helping to improve indoor air quality by reducing dust, allergens, and other airborne particles.

    However, it’s essential to consider the upfront cost, including the purchase of indoor and outdoor units and professional installation. It’s recommended to consult with HVAC professionals to assess your specific needs, evaluate the potential cost savings, and determine if a ductless mini-split system is the right choice for your home.

    The coverage area of a ductless mini-split system depends on various factors such as the unit’s cooling and heating capacity, climate conditions, insulation levels, and the desired temperature range. As a general guideline, a single-zone ductless mini-split unit can typically cover an area of 300 to 1,500 square feet.

    However, it’s important to note that multi-zone systems with multiple indoor units can cover larger areas and provide more precise temperature control. Each indoor unit is capable of serving a specific zone or room, allowing for customization and flexibility.

    To determine the appropriate ductless mini-split system size for your specific space, it is recommended to consult with HVAC professionals. They can perform a detailed assessment considering factors like square footage, insulation quality, and specific heating and cooling requirements to determine the ideal size and configuration of the system for optimal performance and comfort.

    The terms “mini split” and “ductless AC” are often used interchangeably because they refer to the same type of cooling system. Both terms describe air conditioning systems that do not require ductwork for air distribution, making them suitable for homes or buildings without existing ducts or where duct installation is impractical.

    The primary difference between a mini split and a ductless AC lies in their terminology. “Mini split” refers to the system’s configuration, where the cooling unit is split into two parts: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit contains the evaporator coil and the fan, while the outdoor unit houses the compressor and condenser coil. These two units are connected by refrigerant lines.

    On the other hand, “ductless AC” emphasizes the absence of ductwork. These systems use individual indoor units, often mounted on the wall or ceiling, to cool specific areas or rooms. Each indoor unit operates independently and can be controlled separately, providing zoned cooling and personalized comfort.

    The difference between a mini split and a ductless AC is primarily a matter of terminology, with both referring to the same type of cooling system that does not require ductwork for air distribution.


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    Cannot be combined with any another promotion. Must be presented when service is scheduled over the phone.

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    Cannot be combined with any another promotion. Must be presented when service is scheduled over the phone.

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