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Looking for a reliable HVAC professional in your area? At Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation we are more than just heating and air conditioning technicians. Our experts are focused on helping you find whole-home comfort through comprehensive energy management solutions. We provide a variety of AC, heating, and energy services throughout Sun City, AZ and surrounding areas in Metro Phoenix.

So whether you need to install or repair your HVAC equipment, or you are looking for ways to lower your energy bill and improve indoor air quality, our team has you covered.

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Keeping You Comfortable with Our Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions

Are you wondering why your neighbor’s energy bills are lower than yours? Struggling to keep your cooling costs down? While other HVAC companies in the Sun City area may tell you that you need to upgrade your air conditioning equipment, we take a more comprehensive approach.

High energy bills and poor indoor air quality are often caused by leaking air ducts, poor home insulation, or poorly designed ductwork. As a result, our experts will look at your home’s construction as a whole when it comes to identifying the source of your energy and indoor comfort problem. This means more accurate solutions and greater peace of mind guaranteed.

AC filter inspected before installation

Looking for Dependable Sun City, AZ Air Conditioning Technicians?

Is your AC running but not producing any cool air? Hearing unusual sounds coming from the indoor unit? No matter the cause of the problem, our experts will take the time to identify the source of your cooling issue and recommend the best solution for your home. Do you need experts to install a new ductless mini split air conditioner? We got your back! We understand the unique cooling needs of our neighbors here in the Sun City, AZ area and will work closely with you to provide a personalized solution that meets your indoor comfort goals as well as your budget.

Need Immediate Furnace or Heat Pump Services in Sun City, Arizona?

While we don’t have to worry about harsh winters here in the Sun City area, it’s still a good idea to have your heat pump or furnace serviced or replaced for the winter to enjoy uninterrupted comfort. Our experts can help you with furnace replacement, heat pump troubleshooting and repair, seasonal equipment maintenance, and more. No matter your heating needs, you can count on our team to provide the safe and effective solutions you deserve.

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    Local Reviews
    for Sun City, AZ

    Arrived to home and unit was not cooling correctly, when I got on roof I found water pouring down roof due to it thawing from being frozen. My gauges showed unit was extremely low on refrigerant. Unit is 23 years old and I recommend not dumping a bunch of money into this system and to get a comfort consultant out to give him some quotes. Ryan will be out 12-3 today. Unit is not running at departure.

    Near W Coggins Dr, Sun City, AZ 85351

    The unit has a bad outdoor fan motor. The unit has been overheating the compressor and the capacitor for the compressor. Tested bad. The contactor switch was burnt and needs replaced. I replaced the 825 outdoor fan motor, capacitor and switch the units operating properly.

    Near W Melinda Ln, Sun City, AZ 85373

    No charge flipped it over to Ryan to give a quote. Originally homeowner said that unit would not turn off. The thermostat was having issues when I was there and she has wiring that is really bad and shorting out. When I got there today I found the compressor was overheated. It’s just pulling really high amperage and I don’t have anything to compare it to because the manufacture specs are gone. There’s just too many items that need to be fixed on that unit. I strongly suggested replacing it. Unit is not running at departure.

    Near W Riviera Dr, Sun City, AZ 85351

    Arrived to home and homeowners unit was completely down, there was a bad duel cap and burned wiring. got them cooling but there’s other problems that really need to be addressed if they plan on keeping this old unit. The low voltage wire is falling apart and shorted outside and inside unit and Contactor is not in good condition. Also unit is low on refrigerant. I don’t reccomend putting a bunch of money in unit as it’s very old. Homeowner is expecting a call from office to get a comfort consultant out to give a quote on a new unit. Unit running at departure.

    Near W Riviera Dr, Sun City, AZ 85351

    Arrive to home and customer said he couldn’t get his unit to go below 78°. I did a temperature differential and had 21° and also pressures and temperatures look correct. Capacitors checked out the only item that concerned me was the condenser fan motor is 170°, it is possible that thing is cutting out in the heat of the day, but it didn’t do it while I was there. Homeowner is not prepared to replace that right now. He is just going to keep an ion it because the unit is old and he’s not sure if he wants to put the money into it . Unit running out departure.

    Near N 104th Dr, Sun City, AZ 85351

    Arrive to home and spoke with customer, she told me a previous company was out and did a bunch of repairs. When I opened the unit up, I found wiring burned that needed to be fixed. Normally this is due to loose connections and heat buildup. Customer told me to only do repair today, however, we did talk about installing a in rush device to lower the starting amps and about doing preventative maintenance. The only other estimate I left was for the Remi halo because homeowner mentioned that his wife has asthma and bad allergies. They are extremely beneficial unit to have in your air conditioning system. Unit running at departure with a 23° temperature differential.

    Near W Mission Ln, Sun City, AZ 85351

    Performed cooling preventative maintenance on both units. The unit on the front of the house was missing service caps. I replaced the caps. the unit on the back of the house had high starting anps. I added an inrush device. I recommended surge protection for both units to protect the control boards and indoor blower motors

    Near W Audrey Dr, Sun City, AZ 85351
    Chris M.

    Chris M.

    Duct sealing and duct repair and insulation installation in Sun City for AC system

    Near N 109th Ave, Sun City, AZ 85351
    Brandon W.

    Brandon W.

    Energy Audit in Sun City

    Near W Venturi Dr, Sun City, AZ 85351
    Chris M.

    Chris M.

    Insulation installation in Sun City

    Near N Ponderosa Cir, Sun City, AZ 85373
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