Staying warm in the Metro Phoenix area during the winter months means turning on your heating system, but it doesn’t have to mean going broke to stay comfortable. If you’re wondering, “How can I lower my heating bill but still stay cozy this winter?” Ideal Energy has solutions for you. Here are some tips, both big and small, that can lower your bills when the weather’s cold out.

1. Replace Your HVAC Filters

You could swap out your furnace’s air filter in the time it takes to finish reading this article, and this simple task can both improve the quality of your indoor air and also reduce wear and tear on your heating system. Are your filters dirty? Do you notice dust buildup in your home? Do you have furry pets? Change your filters on a regular schedule for consistent furnace operation all winter long.

2. Schedule a Heating Tune-Up

Many people wait until there’s an issue with their heating or cooling system to call for help, but annual and bi-annual HVAC maintenance is often the best (and least expensive, in the long run) way to ensure you’ll stay warm all winter. With a heating tune-up every spring or fall, you’ll:

  • Extend the life of your HVAC system
  • Avoid expensive emergency repair calls
  • Keep your energy bills low with high efficiency operation

3. Upgrade to LED Lighting

According to ENERGY STAR, LED light bulbs are 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs last longer and use less energy, and if you start counting the number of bulbs in your house that could be replaced, your annual savings will add up quickly.

4. Upgrade to Heat Pumps

Electric heat pumps offer both heating and cooling settings, and with their ultra efficient operation offer a great replacement for a home’s entire HVAC system that will save money for years to come. If you’re a homeowner, that doesn’t mind the heat not being “instantly hot” as it is when a traditional inefficient furnace comes on, a heat pump is a much more efficient, safer and long lasting option! Check out SRP’s and APS’ rebates on heat pump systems!

5. Take Advantage of Sunny Days!

Saving energy can be as easy and cost effective as installing shade screens on the outside panes of your windows! Shade screens help reduce the amount of radiant heat that penetrates your windows by blocking the sun from the outside. Other measures that might help a little are opening and closing the curtains in your home. When it’s a sunny day, let natural light in and you’ll take some of the burden off of your home heating. Then, close the curtains at night when outside temperatures drop and help keep your heat inside!

6. Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart or programmable thermostats are easy to operate, and will automatically adjust the operation of your heating and cooling to minimize energy waste and lower bills. Plus, you can operate them remotely from a computer or smartphone.

7. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Did you even know that your ceiling fan has a reserve setting? Most people assume that when the weather gets cold, your fans should be turned off for the season, but running your ceiling fan in reverse mode when your heating is on will push warm air back down towards you, making you feel warmer and more comfortable.

8. Schedule Insulation Replacement and Air Sealing

One of the most significant ways you can save money on heating and cooling costs is by keeping all the energy your HVAC systems create inside! With updated insulation and air sealing, you’ll minimize heat loss in the winter, keep cold outdoor air out of your home, and get the most from your furnace or heat pump.

9. Lower Your Water Heater’s Temperature

Many homes have their hot water heater temperature set too high! Lower your water heater’s temperature to 120°F—you’ll save 3–5% on your water heating costs for every 10 degrees!

10. Seal and Repair Your Ductwork

Central ductwork in homes is prone to leaking and inefficient operation, wasting a significant amount of energy being produced by your HVAC system—often between 10 and 40%! Keep in mind, sealing the duct system alone without ensuring proper design, sizing and installation of the ductwork won’t cause even temperatures and 100% efficiency. That’s why ensure everything is top notch so we can guarantee your comfort and results – the design, sizing and installation. Scheduling duct sealing and repair or replacement services lead to big savings in many houses. Plus, SRP and APS have duct sealing rebates to help you offset the cost!

11. Install a New High Efficiency Heating System

If your heating system is old, has been breaking down often, just doesn’t work right or is simply costing you more and more in energy costs, talk to Ideal Energy about replacing your HVAC system with new heating installation. We’ll work with you to find a solution that maximizes your home efficiency and ensure proper sizing, 

Home Upgrades Will Save You Money Year After Year

There are plenty of steps that homeowners throughout Mesa and Tempe can take to lower their monthly bills during the winter without sacrificing indoor comfort, and many of these upgrades will help you continue saving for a long time. Get in touch with Ideal Energy today and our team of heating experts can make specific recommendations for your home!

Get smart about heating this winter. Call 602-358-7101 or contact us to start saving money on energy costs now.