On August 15th, 2017 the Arizona Corporation Commission voted in favor of APS’ rate case, which included increasing a service fee and shifting the time of use rates. In addition, the corporation commission approved incentive reductions for demand response programs, which include existing homes HVAC duct test and repair, existing homes HVAC AC with quality installation, consumer products residential pool pumps and home performance duct test and repair.

On October 1s, 2017 the rebate incentives for duct sealing will decrease from $400 per duct system to $250 per duct system, for existing homes HVAC AC with quality installation will decrease from $245 per AC system to $200 per AC system and will decrease from $100 per residential pool pump to $50 per pool pump.

If you are a homeowner in APS territory and want to receive the full $400 duct sealing rebate, call us today in order to get your project completed before October 1st.