Often times, some people have their doubts about how much they are going to save based on our recommendations. The bottom line is we never recommend anything that’s not either a.) going to reduce an energy bill, or b.) make a home more comfortable. There are, indeed, many misconceptions as to what works, and what doesn’t, and we are aware of all of the phony methods, but are also more aware of the legitimate working methods.

Below is an image that was texted to us by one of our very satisfied customers a few months ago. This is a photo of their SRP energy usage for the month of July 2012, and August 2012. The photo below compares their energy usage drop after our work was completed on their home. Notice that they went from a whopping score of TEN to FOUR! That’s a 60% drop! The orange card on the bottom is their July analysis, and as you can see, their SRP score is 10, and then energy usage is above average. The green card on the top, is their August analysis, and as you can see, their score is 4, and their energy usage is below average!

After extensively analyzing the size of this particular homeowner’s AC unit, we found that their existing air conditioner was oversized by 1.5 TONS! Our Ideal crews installed a new, smaller, and properly sized air conditioner, and completed duct sealing, air sealing and insulation to the highest quality of standards to achieve the results as shown above.

This is just one of the many examples on how Ideal Energy exceeds home owners expectations over and over again. Call us today to find out more information about how you can save money off of your energy bill!