At Ideal Energy, we practice what we preach so we can be sure that what we recommend to people indeed, works. In August, one of our team members’ pool pump went out, so naturally, we replaced it with a brand new Pentair variable speed pool pump.

Their energy usage is already very low due to the solar electric system on their roof and other various home performance upgrades that have been done. However, we compared their energy usage for August 2011 to August 2012, September 2011 to September 2012, and October 2011 to October 2012 and found that their usage has dropped drastically since the pool pump upgrade. The table below shows the exact kilowatt hours that were used and the dollar amounts charged for comparative purposes:

2011 to 2012 Energy Usage Comparison

Read Date 2011
Kilowatt hours 2011
Total Charges
Read Date 2012
Kilowatt hours 2012
Total Charges
1976 kWh
1303 kWh
1413 kWh
630 kWh
758 kWh
412 kWh

After doing some simple math, we realized that in 3 months our team member saved $183.24, just by replacing the old junker pool pump they had with a new variable speed pool pump. They saw a 45% average savings off of their energy bill (for the three months).

APS and SRP are giving homeowners a $200 rebate for installing a variable speed pool pump. As you can see, it’s totally worth the investment and is one of the biggest energy savers that we have yet to see.