In the middle of this COVID-19 crisis, we weren’t sure if we were going to share this success just yet with so many people in our Nation struggling to stay healthy, employed and in good spirits. We decided to do so anyway in order to brighten up the mood and showcase some successes that we and many others have had – after all, a little positivity can’t hurt, right?

We found out a few months ago that we won the Department of Energy’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year: Sustained Excellence Award for 2020 and like every year, we were invited to the awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. that was to be held this past week. Obviously, the ceremony was canceled due to the virus so this year, we don’t have an awesome new photo with the ENERGY STAR logo to share with you all. What we do have are some photos of some of our team’s hard work throughout the last year, so we’ll share those instead.

We are proud to say that this is the third year in a row we’ve won this National award, which grants us a “Sustained Excellence” title. Ideal Energy was one of NINE contractors in the entire United States to win this award – which says a lot about the criteria we had to meet and exceed in order to receive such a high honor. They don’t just dish these awards out to just anyone!

Our Why

There’s a reason we keep winning this award and after reflecting on it, it all boils down to the fact that as leaders, we care. We probably care way too much about the services we offer and the execution of those services. After all, there are certainly easier ways to earn a living. But there’s something about the home performance industry that keeps us coming back for more; there’s something about being able to offer a comprehensive, real solution to home comfort problems while lowering energy usage that keeps us coming back for more. We constantly improve and change the way we do things and celebrate successes, customer satisfaction and new/better ways of doing what we do. We genuinely care about our customers and our team.

Our Team

Our team is probably one of the most resilient teams in residential HVAC and construction out there. They truly care about what they’re doing. They want to be the best and they want to get the results a homeowner is looking for. If something’s not right, they can’t sleep well at night. These are the kind of people we employ and empower in our company. Everyone is rowing together to win the race and it’s certainly not easy – practice makes perfect, however. To our team, thank you for your dedication and incredible resilience, logging long hours in the summer heat and wearing multiple hats when it’s necessary. You guys are the best and we truly consider you family, thank you for being a part of our vision.

And as we said last year, you guys are the reason we keep winning this award – the award is really yours, it’s just housed at our office!

If you have questions about how you can become part of our award-winning team, just call us!

Our Customers

We are proud to have customers that we consider friends and family as a result of the work we’ve done on your homes. And to those that aren’t and want to be, reach out! We love staying in contact and helping you through multiple home buying cycles, questions about energy efficiency and usage, or anything pertinent to our work. Reach out any time, we are here for you – thank you for supporting us and believing in us to get your energy efficiency or HVAC project done!

If you are a potential customer looking for more information about how you can have an ENERGY STAR award-winning contractor be the one to help reach your energy efficiency, insulation, ductwork and heating and air conditioning goals – just call us at 480-839-0082 or contact us, no strings attached! As Arizona’s attic experts, we’re happy to share whatever knowledge we have with you about your home.

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for another great year! See you next year!


Alex and Elena