Should I Insulate my Arizona Garage to Help Keep my Home Cool?

This is a common question we are asked, and the answer is always surprising to our homeowners. The simple answer is, “no”. Why, you ask? Because for our hot, arid, climate it just doesn’t make sense. We have actually found that if insulation has been added to the attic space of an unconditioned garage, the only thing it will do is hold heat in, making your garage hotter!

Will I save money on my energy bill by insulating my garage?

Again, the answer is, “no”. If the garage is unconditioned, meaning, there is no mini split or duct going to the garage, there is no reason to insulate the garage’s attic. Studies for our climate have shown that no significant amount of savings were seen by insulating an unconditioned garage. Many homeowners think that because the garage and main body of the house share an attic space it’s necessary to insulate the garage as well, but this is far from the truth.

Now, if we were in a cold climate, like Alaska, or the East Coast, insulating the garage does indeed have a positive impact, both on comfort, and energy bills.

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