Ideal Air: 16-Point AC Checkup for $65.95 for SRP Customers

Through the SRP Certified Contractor Program, SRP is offering a 16 point HVAC checkup for just $65.95 for each unit. This offer is only available until April 30th. Call Ideal Air at 602-358-7101 today to receive your 16 point AC checkup!

To qualify, your HVAC contractor must be on SRP’s Certified Contractor list. The 16 point inspection includes the following:

  1. Checking the thermostat operation

  2. Cleaning and/or replacing the filter (if customer supplies this)

  3. Checking the temperature split

  4. Inspecting the fused disconnect

  5. Inspecting the wiring and tightening electrical connections

  6. Inspecting the contacts, relays and pressure controls

  7. Inspecting the electrical safety circuits

  8. Checking the voltage and amperage of all motors

  9. Inspecting the indoor blower and motor for dirt

  10. Inspecting the bearings and lubricating all moving parts

  11. Inspecting the belt and adjusting the tension

  12. Inspecting and cleaning the condensate drain

  13. Inspecting the outdoor coil

  14. Inspecting the duct sealing at the unit and securing the panels

  15. Running and testing the system

If your system is loud or noisy, is 10 years or older, runs for very long periods of time, or your bills have increased over the years- it’s time for an inspection!

Save yourself the hassle of your system breaking down in the middle of the summer, when temperatures have skyrocketed, and beat the heat!