Welcome to Arizona! If you’ve recently moved here and bought a home in the Copper State, congrats! And if you’re like most new arrivals to our state, you might be scratching your head that it’s October and yet it’s still scorching hot outside. That’s Arizona for ya!

If you’ve already realized that your home isn’t doing a great job of keeping you cool, and you’re wondering how you can upgrade your home this fall, here are a few tips for maximizing the comfort in your Phoenix, Chandler, or Scottsdale house.

Upgrade your AC Sooner Rather Than Later

If your central air conditioning just isn’t keeping up with the late summer Arizona heat, imagine how it’s going to be in your house come next spring and summer?

Every year people put off making changes to their AC until the last minute, and there’s always a scramble to find a reputable local company to do their HVAC installation. One of the smartest things you can do as a new homeowner is to beat the crowd and start the process of new AC installation this fall and take advantage of the new Trane fall promotion, so that come spring you’ll be ready to kick back and take it easy with your fellow Arizonans.

You could even look into the year-round comfort of alternatives to your traditional central air conditioner and furnace system. Mini-splits and heat pumps are all electric and significantly more energy efficient than most other heating and cooling systems, which will save you money on your energy bills every month of the year. Plus, many have both heating and cooling settings, so you can replace your entire system and start benefiting from clean, affordable comfort this year.

Have Your Home’s Insulation Levels Checked Out by Professionals

If you’re moving to Arizona from a colder climate state, you may think of insulation primarily as protection against freezing winter nights. It very rarely gets below freezing here in the greater Phoenix area, but that doesn’t mean that upgrading your attic insulation can’t help you stay more comfortable. And just as insulation keeps the heat inside your home during the winter, you can also use insulation for cooling system efficiency, as it will help keep the summer heat out in the summer and the cool air from your AC in.

Not sure if your home has proper insulation, or what proper levels of insulation in Phoenix should be? As a trusted local insulation contractor, Ideal Energy offers several different options for home energy audits. Our audits are a great place for a new homeowner to start—we’ll help assess your insulation as well as the condition of your current HVAC systems, from your central AC and furnace to your ductwork, with the goal of helping make your home more comfortable as well as more affordable to heat and cool.

Trust Your New Home to the Local HVAC and Home Performance Experts

With more than a decade of experience serving homes in the Phoenix metro area, the experts at Ideal Energy use real building science when they’re working on your home, whether it’s Manual J load calculations to precisely measure the correct sizing for your heating and air conditioning system to the advanced technology we use during our energy audits, including infrared diagnosticsblower door tests, and more.

Ideal Energy offers new homeowners a perfect opportunity to get their air conditioning and heating systems ready to handle whatever the Arizona weather might throw their way, and can help upgrade your home’s insulation to offer superior protection every month of the year. Plus, with great financing as well as rebates and incentives, we’ll help you save money on the upgrades you need to make your new home perfect.

Looking to get the most out of your new Phoenix home? Call 602-358-7101 or contact us for help making your house more comfortable and energy efficient.