If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a planner and not one of those who prefers to react to unfortunate and uncomfortable circumstances. With cooler temperatures approaching the Phoenix area, our reactive AC season is slowing down. Meaning, less people are calling in with emergency AC issues to replace their air conditioning equipment. Which is great because it means our company has more time to focus on the planners who think things through thoroughly before buying a new AC system. 

With this in mind, I encourage you to think about what the new AC equipment is going to do for you. Do you want to just swap out the old and replace with the new, or do you want a truly customized, properly sized and designed AC unit that’s going to make your home perform optimally and efficiently with even temperatures throughout your home? Chances are, you’re probably thinking the latter. 

The only way to truly guarantee this is to have a qualified individual and AC company (like Ideal Energy) run a full, correct, Manual J load calculation on your home. Our team has gone through extensive training on how to run a proper load calculation – we don’t just play around with the software and hope to figure it out. All engineering is done with utmost accuracy to ensure your new air conditioning equipment saves you money off of your APS and SRP bill come summer time and keeps you comfortable while doing so! Our philosophy is why save a little when you can save a lot by sizing and designing your equipment right?

In addition to having the best designed AC system in Arizona, we have a Trane Fall Air Conditioning Promotion going on right now that will issue between $200 and up to $1000 in Trane Rebates for purchasing a new Trane AC system, or you can take advantage of a special 0% APR Financing for 60 months, which is a pretty incredible offer. This offer is set to expire on November 15th, 2017. APS and SRP also have air conditioning rebates sitting at $200 for APS customers, and ranging between $400-$800 for SRP customers

Not sure what you need? Don’t worry! Give us a call at 480-839-0082 and we can guide you in the best direction in order to help solve your heating and air conditioning needs!