Starting on February 1st, 2019, SRP increased their AC rebate structure in order to further incentivize higher energy efficient (multi-stage) and mini-split (also known as ductless) systems!

The chart below depicts the breakdown and qualification criteria breakdown for the SRP rebates:

   Rebate per tonRebate per ton
 CompressorSEERHeat PumpAC
Good:Single stage16+$75$75
Better:Dual stage16+$150$150
Best:Variable capacity16+$225$225
Best:Inverter-driven mini-split16+$225N/A

Central AC, Heat Pump and Mini-Split (Ductless)

All SRP Cool Cash rebates are paid at 1/2 ton. For example, if you need a 3.5 ton system and choose to go with a variable capacity system, the rebate amount you’d be eligible for would be $787.50. Example: 3.5 (tons) X $225 = $787.50.

All SRP rebates are taken off of the final price. This means you just pay the net cost for the new installation of the heating and air conditioning equipment, Ideal Energy files the rebates for you, and we wait for them to come in the mail! That way you are not stuck waiting for the rebates in order to make things as easy and cost effective as possible for you!

The rebates are applicable to customers that are in single family detached, single family or apartment / condo attached (up to four units attached only – aka quadplex), or mobile homes. Any dwelling that has more than five dwellings attached does not qualify for the SRP Cool Cash Rebates.

All of our systems are sized right with a load calculation (Manual J) in order to ensure longevity, comfort and performance your new AC system for years to come!  You can expect to see a savings on an annual basis by replacing your air conditioning equipment between $3600 – $9150 depending on what kind of system you currently have installed.

Call us today to get a free estimate and comfort analysis on your home to get ready for summer and take advantage of the new SRP AC rebates!