Starting November 1st, 2018, SRP has kindly increased their insulation and duct sealing rebates!

The Why:

SRP wants to encourage customers in their territory to upgrade their homes and make them more energy efficient. The logic behind this is the more energy efficient homes that exist in SRP territory, the less likely it will be for SRP to build a new power plant in order to keep up with Arizona’s demand for energy. A new power plant would cost millions more than the home performance rebates cost them. Building a new power plant would cause substantial increases in SRP rates, and no one wants that now do they? That is how valuable and impactful SRP believes insulation and duct sealing are to saving energy and ultimately lowering their customers’ energy bills. 

The new rebate structures are as follows: 

  • Insulation rebates have increased to $600 (from $400 previously)
  • Duct sealing rebates have increased to $400 per duct system on single family homes (previously $250)
  • Duct sealing rebates have increased to $300 per duct system on townhomes and duplexes (previously only $200)

Who Qualifies?

These rebates are only available to SRP customers that have completed an official energy audit through an approved SRP contractor like Ideal Energy! To access the rebates, give us a call and we can schedule one of our expert energy auditors to test your home for building leakage, duct leakage, insulation and AC energy efficiency. Once we complete a thorough evaluation of your home, you can qualify for the rebates (sorry, SRP won’t give out rebates to those outside of their program).

How it Works

The way it works is you just pay the net cost (total cost of project, minus the rebates) and Ideal Energy will submit all the required rebate paperwork for you. The energy efficiency rebates just go directly to our company – that way, you don’t have to wait 6 weeks for SRP to send the rebate checks in the mail, Ideal Energy will wait for you!

How Do I Know if I Need an Energy Audit?

To determine if an SRP Energy Audit is right for you, simply click the link to complete SRP’s Energy Analyzer Application!

A big thank you to SRP for looking out for customer’s in their service territory and for keeping the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program strong in Arizona!