We typically focus on tips and updates about the home performance industry, but decided we should share the news about today being World Environment Day. Every year for World Environment Day, there is a different theme focused on. This year, the theme is about reducing our carbon FOODprint with a Think.Eat.Save campaign. The goal here is to bring awareness about how much food is wasted and thrown away.

Here are some facts and reasons why reducing our foodprint is so important:

  1. Every year, 1.3 tons of food is wasted and thrown away
  2. Every day, 20,000 children under the age of 5 die from hunger
  3. 1 in every 7 people go to sleep hungry every night
  4. An estimated one third of everything that is grown is either wasted or lost between the field and the consumer
  5. Global food production occupies 25% of all habitable land
  6. Global food production is responsible for 70% fresh water consumption, 80% deforestation, and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions
  7. Our food productions outstrips demand, but still 870 million people are malnourished
  8. Food makes up almost 13% of the U.S. waste stream, but a much higher percent of landfill-caused methane.


So how can we make a difference, if not every day, today?

  1. Select foods that have less of an environmental impact, such as organic foods that are grown locally in your State, that don’t use chemicals during the production process
  2. Plan your meals for the week before going to the grocery store
  3. Consider composting. It’s a great way to help reduce the amount of food going into the landfill, and some Cities are even starting curb side composting programs!
  4. Purchase funny looking fruit and veggies so they’re not thrown away because of their odd shape, size and color
  5. Bring a cloth bag to your grocery store, and don’t buy more food than you need

If you’d like to make a difference, share your ideas and acitivites that you’re doing to reduce your foodprint.