External energy reduction for your home can be as simple as planting the correct trees that fit our Sonoran desert environment.  Deciduous trees have shade and blooming flower foliage during certain seasons (typically during the spring and summer). During the non-blooming seasons (typically during the fall and winter) deciduous trees lose and drop their leaves and foliage. Deciduous trees can provide additional options when looking to reduce the solar exposure to the South, West, and East facing sides of your home. Not only will these trees provide shade during the summer months, but provide a natural aesthetic value to your home. Whether it’s through the colorful foliage during the blooming seasons or the branching structural forms during the non-blooming seasons, deciduous trees will provide a natural aesthetic character to your home. Most deciduous trees found in our communities and natural environment are low water use plant selections that can be found in most local plant nurseries.  

Deciduous trees do require maintenance during the non-blooming seasons as leaves, foliage and pods drop in the yard.  Examples of the most commonly found deciduous and low water use trees include the Desert Willow, Chaste tree, Chinese Pistache, Mesquite varieties, and Palo Verde varieties.  Desert Willows develop into shrub-like trees with orchard-shaped pink flowers blooming during the spring. The flowers have a soft fragrance smell which attracts hummingbirds.  The Chaste tree grows into a medium-sized tree with dark foliage and purple stemmed flowers. The flowers and leaves have a natural fragrance that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. The Chinese Pistache develops into an ornamental medium-sized tree with full green foliage during the spring and summer seasons. The foliage changes into a rich brown and red color during the fall. Mesquite varieties grow into spreading branching forms with dark foliage and yellow flower blooms during the spring. Palo Verde varieties develop into medium-tall shade trees with green foliage and spectacular yellow flower blooms during the spring.

Deciduous trees with color, fragrance, and shade provide the best functional and aesthetic value to your home while also providing you with other forms of solar heat reduction!

Chinese Pistache Desert Willow Tree
Chaste Tree Mesquite Tree