Our team did it again! A few weeks ago, Ideal Energy won the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year Award for 2019, a second year in a row win for us! Ideal Energy was one of NINE home performance contractors in the entire United States to receive this outstanding recognition awarded to us by Steve Dunn, Project Manager for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office.

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We couldn’t have done it without the help of our amazing team here. Everyone at Ideal Energy is 100% invested and gives their all in order to fix more homes and lower energy production which ultimately lowers our carbon footprint and is one of the main reasons why we got into this industry in the first place. We WANT to see change in our entire industry regarding the way companies are installing energy efficient AC equipment, installing insulation, running ductwork and looking at homes as entire systems, instead of individual parts, which is what has been the common amongst contractors thus far. Long gone are the days of “the bigger the better” misconception in terms of sizing AC equipment. Pushing the limits is what gets us the results (and by results, we mean energy savings).

We continually research and test new ways to improve our deliverables. Elena, one of our co-founders sits on the Board of Directors for the Building Performance Association (a new non-profit organization that advocates for energy efficiency and is a collaboration between Home Performance Coalition, Home Energy Magazine and Efficiency First) and is heavily involved with making the home performance industry the best it can be.

At the same time, it’s important to realize that this doesn’t just happen on its own and it doesn’t just happen overnight. People yield results. Without our team and the dedication they show to our vision, our cause and their dedication to WANT to do the right thing right, there’d be nothing. They are ultimately the ones winning this award, we merely guide them. They are the ones making homes more energy efficient, we just provide them the tools to do so. It takes a special person to want to do this work and it’s certainly not for everyone but it’s the right way.

All this and a little bit of fun is what makes our company. Work hard and play hard is the name of the game here, and that’s what makes us Ideal Energy. 

Until next year, thank you Arizona for helping us make this happen for a second year in a row!