Anyone who’s sat down on the couch for what they’re hoping is a nice relaxing afternoon of watching TV or reading a book knows how infuriating it is to suddenly hear strange sounds coming from your AC unit. But just like cars, there are many sounds your air conditioning system can make when it’s not working correctly, and just as many different causes.

You could be asking yourself: Do I need AC repair? Should I be considering AC replacement?

Whether this is the first time you’ve had to call for repairs, or if your aging AC has been producing one problem after another for a while now, let’s break down a few of the most common weird noises you might hear in your Phoenix, Chandler, or Scottsdale home.

1. Rattling

A rattling or banging sound from your air conditioner means it’s likely that a part inside your cooling system is loose. It could be a screw bolt or fastener, or even a fan blade. If the noise is coming from your exterior condenser unit, the rattle could also indicate that some outdoor debris—sticks or leaves—have gotten inside.

2. Hissing

Is your central air conditioner making a hissing noise? You could have a refrigerant leak, or there might be a problem with your compressor. Before that irritating hissing sound leads to a major breakdown with your cooling system, give a professional technician a call.

3. Crackling/Popping

An air conditioner making crackling noises can be an indication that your AC unit is icing up, either due to the temperature being set too low, poor airflow due to a dirty AC filter, or a drainage issue, where blocked or trapped water is unable to drain and has your air conditioner freezing up.

Another possibility, if your AC isn’t frozen, is that an electrical issue is causing your AC unit to make popping noises. A professional HVAC technician can diagnose the problem and get to work on a solution.

4. Screeching

Squealing or screeching noises from your cooling system are often a sign that there’s something wrong with your outdoor fan motor or indoor blower motor.  

5. Clicking

Why is your air conditioner making a clicking noise when it’s off? If your AC won’t turn on but is still making sounds, you could be dealing with an electrical or thermostat issue, not a problem with the air conditioner itself. If your AC is clicking when the system is running, however, it could be a loose fan hitting the condenser.

Have Your AC Inspected by Phoenix’s Leading HVAC Technicians

These are really educated guesses as to what could be going on with your air conditioning—there’s no way to know for sure what’s going on with your home cooling until you have a qualified AC technician look at your system. That’s why, no matter what strange sound your air conditioner is making, the best thing you can do is call Ideal Energy. We’ll work hard to get your AC back to producing quiet, whole home comfort quickly.

Plus, we’ll be able to give you our best recommendations as to the current state of your home cooling, like explaining how you can lower energy bills, keep your house cool in the summer, and help avoid any future weird noises with regular AC maintenance!

Is your AC making strange sounds? Call 480-839-0082 or contact us today to get your cooling system quiet and working correctly again!