Fall is here, and although it might be a little while before the temperatures in the greater Phoenix area drop enough to change your HVAC system from air conditioning to heating, the change in seasons is a great excuse to start thinking more about your home’s energy use and overall comfort. Are your heating and cooling costs higher than you’d like? Do you find certain areas of your home uncomfortable throughout the year, even when your cooling or heating system is running?

Having the energy efficiency of your home assessed by a home performance professional is a great way to understand where you can make improvements to improve comfort and lower energy costs. Here are some of the ways you could benefit from an energy audit from Ideal Energy this autumn.

Improved Insulation Will Make You More Comfortable

While most homeowners associate their indoor comfort primarily with their heating and cooling systems, poor insulation in your Phoenix home can also play a huge role both in how effective your HVAC system is at keeping you comfortable, and how efficiently it runs.

Insulation that’s old, incorrectly installed, or just plain missing isn’t usually easy to identify—after all, most of it is hidden away in your walls or ceiling. Adding insulation and home improvement upgrades will work year-round—not only will insulation help your home retain heat from your furnace or mini splits better this coming winter, but you can use insulation to cool your home more efficiently and effectively in the summer as well.

All energy audits from Ideal Energy include a number of inspections to understand the current state of your insulation, including using thermal imaging cameras (where applicable and weather permitting), home leakage inspections, insulation and air barrier evaluations, and more.

Find Out Where You Can Save on Heating and Cooling Costs

Because Ideal Energy expertise lies in both home performance and HVAC, our audits also provide an expert evaluation in your home’s heating and cooling systems, including:

  • Visual duct system inspection
  • Return sizing and filter evaluation
  • Static pressure testing
  • HVAC equipment efficiency
  • Duct leakage testing*
  • Enthalpy readings to determine how many BTUs your AC is using**

*Available with a Construction Energy Audit and Full Comprehensive Audit

**Available with a Full Comprehensive Audit

With an energy audit, you’ll get a better sense for what condition your current AC and heating system is in, including ductwork. Our audits help you avoid unexpected air conditioning repair down the road, and can help you decide whether it would be worth it to replace your current systems with newer, higher efficiency models.

As Phoenix’s Leading HVAC and Insulation Contractor, We Can Energy Audits Simple

With an energy audit this fall, you’ll be gaining important information about how you can make your Tempe, Chandler, or Scottsdale home more comfortable and affordable to run heading into the winter.

At Ideal Energy, we offer three different energy audit options—Energy Audit Express, Construction Energy Audit, and Full Comprehensive Audit—to allow you to customize your audit experience to the needs of your home. Best of all, our Energy Audit Express is completely free, and comes with trustworthy recommendations as to the HVAC and insulation upgrades you can make to your home, from attic insulation replacement to determining if new AC installation will improve your home comfort and lower your energy bills.

Whichever energy audit you choose, our company will ensure you qualify for all necessary energy efficiency upgrade rebates from SRP and APS in order to help you offset the cost of your duct sealing and repair, insulation, shade screens or AC replacement!

Looking to lower your energy costs this winter? Call 602-358-7101 or contact us to schedule a fall energy audit.