If these were normal times, there would be a number of ways to stay cool during a late summer heat wave in Arizona—going to a waterpark, catching a movie, or just going shopping indoors. But this year your options are significantly more limited, meaning that it’s more essential than ever that your home’s central air conditioning is working properly!

If you’re struggling to stay comfortable in your Tempe, Chandler, or Scottsdale home, even with the AC running full blast, there’s likely something wrong with your AC system, ductwork or insulation. Here’s what could be going on, and the AC service options you have to get your home cool again quickly.

1. Your AC Is Incorrectly Sized

Unfortunately, an improperly sized AC is a far too common problem we see in Arizona homes. The reality is that many local HVAC contractors see more benefit in upselling you on a bigger air conditioning system than you need, which means that not only are you stuck with a bigger HVAC installation bill, but that your performance will suffer as a result.

An oversized AC will short cycle—frequently turning on and off. Not only will it not run long enough to evenly distribute cool air throughout your home, leading to uneven temperatures in your house, but it will also add unnecessary wear and tear to your system, leading to a shorter lifespan and increased repair visits.

At Ideal Energy, we pride ourselves on taking the time to conduct Manual J load calculations. Sizing a new efficient AC unit for your home correctly shouldn’t be rough guesswork—it’s an exact process that ensures that AC installation in your Phoenix area home will actually make a difference in your home comfort.

2. You Need AC Maintenance

Just like you need to take your car or truck into the shop regularly for oil changes and tune-ups, you’ll get the most reliable operation and energy efficient performance from your air conditioning with routine AC maintenance visits from an expert Mesa or Chandler air conditioning company like ours.

Ideal Air’s NATE-certified technicians follow ACCA’s comprehensive maintenance protocols, and we’ll help catch and fix small issues during your tune-up visit before they turn into expensive problems. With regular air conditioning maintenance, you’ll be left with fewer expensive repairs down the road, better performance and cool home comfort when the weather’s hot, and lower energy bills.

3. Your Air Conditioning Is Too Old and Needs to Be Replaced

We know—you were hoping to squeeze another few years of operation out of your AC before investing in a new system. But like any other appliance in your home, after your central AC hits a certain number of years, the signs of decline will become more and more obvious, including:

  • Higher energy bills from inefficient performance
  • Increased frequency of breakdowns and costly repairs
  • Decreased home comfort levels

How long should an AC last? It’s general advice that an AC more than 10 years old is a good candidate for replacement. Now that doesn’t mean that some air conditioners won’t last longer (regular maintenance is a great way to extend the lifespan of your AC, for example), but eventually, all homeowners will reach the point where it makes more financial sense to replace instead of repair.

Ideal Air’s team of AC experts can work with you to find the right cooling system replacement, whether it’s installing an efficient AC system or mini split ACs, which can deliver whole home comfort for just a fraction of the price of traditional HVAC systems and have both heating and cooling settings for year-round operation.

Find Real AC Solutions for Your Arizona Home

Just because you’re suffering from comfort issues doesn’t mean the problem is always with your Phoenix or Scottsdale, AZ air conditioning system. Insulation upgrades can go a long way towards keeping hot temperatures out of your home and conditioned air in. A properly insulated home costs less to keep cool, and will help you get more value out of your AC. Your comfort problem could also be stemming from leaky or poorly designed ductwork, causing minimal airflow to your home, hot rooms and uneven temperatures.

At Ideal Energy, we have the whole home expertise to get to the bottom of the comfort issues you’re experiencing in your house, and will work with you to find the right solution, from home performance upgrades to tune-ups and cooling system replacements like mini split installation that will save you money and keep you comfortable for years to come.

Reach out to the HVAC service and repair company Phoenix area homeowners trust for whole home summer comfort. Call 480-839-0082 or contact us today to get started.