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Did you know that ductwork is the backbone of an air conditioning and forced-air furnace heating system? Because it is often out of sight, its importance can be overlooked.

At Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation, we take duct design seriously and ensure that it is done right on all of our heating and cooling projects. Ductwork issues can impede airflow and contribute to an inefficient air conditioning system and uncomfortably warm rooms in your home.

The Importance of Duct Design For Proper Airflow

The design of the ductwork located in your attic space is crucial to home comfort and operating efficiency of your AC and heating systems. If your duct system “spaghettis” through your attic, has kinks, loops, or 180-degree turns, there are probably some serious issues that need attention.

Think of your duct system as a garden hose. When you kink a garden hose, the water stops flowing. The same concept applies to ductwork: when you kink a duct, the air will stop flowing. That’s why it is important to have someone who is specially trained in finding and addressing such issues when doing an energy check-up.

At Ideal, we engineer all of our duct systems using a software that tells us exactly how much air a specific room needs, what size duct to install and what type and size of register to install. We don’t guess when it comes to home comfort like a lot of guys out there! Our ductwork is engineered and tailored specifically to your home. That’s why we have our 100% Satisfaction Comfort Guarantee – that’s how confident we are that we can solve your hot or cold rooms problems!

HVAC technician preparing insulated AC ducts

Duct Design Issues Plague Arizona Homes

In Arizona, it is very common to find incorrectly designed duct systems in residential homes, particularly return ductwork. Over 50% of the homes we test have a restricted return duct. This means that the return duct or return grille are too small, there is the wrong type of filter, or the wrong type of filter grille. It is important that there are no restrictions so your system can breathe.

Residential HVAC Duct Design for Energy Savings & Home Comfort

We can compare restricted ductwork to trying to drink soda out of a small red coffee straw. Chances are doing that would take a lot of effort and you wouldn’t get much soda in your mouth. The same goes for a return duct. If it is too small, the system essentially suffocates and works extremely hard to pull the proper amount of air it needs through the system. This all has a negative impact on the way the system works, and actually has a direct correlation to making your home uncomfortable and raising your bills.


Trust Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation With Your Heating & Cooling Ductwork

Our auditors are specially trained to calculate proper airflow and duct sizing for your heating and cooling system. It’s important that any person working on your duct or HVAC system is an expert in this field and makes the appropriate recommendations. We take comfort and energy efficiency seriously for our customers across Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Want to ensure that your heating and cooling systems are functioning at peak performance? Call Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation today for our duct design service!

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