Duct Replacement and Redesign for Homeowners in the Phoenix Metro Area

The importance of your duct system tends to get overlooked. When it comes to addressing your indoor comfort problems, other HVAC companies will focus on the “box” (your air conditioning or heating equipment) instead of taking a whole-home approach. 

At Ideal Energy we understand that energy efficiency depends on more than just your AC or your heating system. Your ductwork plays a major role as well, since the duct system is responsible for circulating and delivering air throughout your property.

Our team takes a comprehensive approach to whole-home comfort by offering duct replacement and duct redesign services for customers throughout Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding metro area. We will help you find the problems affecting your duct system and explain how you can improve your indoor comfort and energy efficiency through professional duct design.

Connect with our experts today to discuss your specific needs and find out more about our duct replacement and redesign services. We work with homeowners throughout Metro Phoenix, including Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Chandler, and surrounding areas in the Valley.

Signs Your Phoenix Home Will Benefit from Professional Duct Replacement and Redesign

An old duct system can cause you to experience poor indoor air quality and prevent your HVAC equipment from performing at peak efficiency. Here are some of the factors we will look at when deciding if duct replacement and redesign is right for your Phoenix home:

Old ductwork–Many residential duct systems in the Phoenix, AZ area were originally designed to be as cheap as possible and not much thought was given to long-term efficiency. We may find deteriorating joints and seals, even in systems that were only installed a decade ago.

Open seams or leaks–Signs of leaking ductwork include dust around the seams. Your air ducts may also show signs of corrosion. Our experts will provide a comprehensive inspection, and if we notice open seams or visible damage or deterioration in your ductwork, we may recommend a complete replacement and redesign.

Uneven airflow–Is it difficult to cool or heat certain rooms? This can point to disconnected duct segments, or other damage affecting your ductwork.

Why Does Duct Design Matter?

Many homes have poorly installed or incorrectly designed ductwork. Over half of the homes we have tested feature restricted return air ducts, which means your duct system has to work much harder to pull air through. When this happens, you will experience high energy bills and have trouble maintaining your desired indoor comfort level. 

A properly designed duct system will improve your HVAC performance, lower your energy bills, and make it easier for you to achieve and maintain total indoor comfort.

Schedule a Consultation With Our Metro Phoenix Duct Replacement and Redesign Specialists Today

When you choose Ideal Energy you can be confident in achieving absolute indoor comfort. Our team of experts is committed to providing comprehensive solutions that include duct leakage testing, static pressure testing, duct insulation, and more. Whether you simply need to insulate your ductwork or you need full duct replacement and redesign, our team will discuss your options and recommend the best solution for your home.

Help your HVAC system perform at peak efficiency and enjoy whole-home comfort with professional duct replacement and redesign. Contact us today to discuss your needs and schedule a consultation with our experts serving Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding metro area.

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