How efficient is your AC unit?

For many homeowners, to think about “home energy efficiency” usually means thinking about CFL light bulbs and running the dryer less frequently. In reality, energy efficiency is often just as much about how your equipment is working as it is about changing your behavior or your lightbulbs.

Take air conditioning, for example. Air conditioning is one of the biggest energy consumers in any given building, particularly here in Arizona. And whether you like to keep your home icy cold or just-barely-tolerable, you can reap significant energy savings by making sure that your air conditioner is functioning properly.

At Ideal Energy, we often recommend that homeowners upgrade their air conditioning equipment to energy efficient, Energy Star certified air conditioners. But that’s not always necessary: sometimes, a simple AC tune-up is sufficient to increase the energy efficiency of your existing air conditioner sufficiently to produce real, tangible energy savings (and increased comfort, as well).

During our home energy audit, we include an air conditioner energy efficiency analysis to determine whether your AC could benefit from a tune-up, or whether a new AC unit would produce significant enough energy savings to warrant an upgarde.

For more information about how you can save money on air conditioning costs here in Phoenix, or to schedule an energy audit today, contact us here!

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