What are High Flow return grilles?

A high flow return grille is also called a fixed bar type return grille.

What’s the difference?

There are two types of return filter grilles that are used in residential homes. There is a fixed bar type grille, and a stamped face grille. A high flow return grille (or fixed bar return grille) is type of return grille that is much more aerodynamic than a stamped face return grille. The louvers positioned on a fixed bar return grille are further apart, and are designed much more aerodynamically than those of a stamped face grille. A high flow return grille (or fixed bar type return grille) has essentially more open area to let air flow through the actual grille.

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Why Does This Matter?

We care about this for multiple reasons.

  1. Reduce static pressure– lower bills and increase lifespan of equipment
  2. Less noise– ever hear a whistling sound, or noise coming from the return grille when your equipment is running? Upgrade to a properly sized fixed bar return grille and the noise will be gone
  3. Increased airflow– a great effective surface area of a return grille means greater comfort throughout your home

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