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Looking for a reliable HVAC professional who can help with your heat pump needs? Whether you are looking to install a heat pump for the first time or you are having trouble with your current system, you can count on our experts for the quality service you deserve.

Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation offer professional heat pump repair, installation, and maintenance services throughout the Phoenix, AZ area. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and help you find a solution that works for your home and your budget.

Get heat pump problems resolved quickly and efficiently with help from Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation. Our team is committed to providing fast turnarounds and solutions that meet your needs and budget. Call now for immediate service in Phoenix, AZ or surrounding cities in the metro area, including Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa, and Chandler.

One of the main benefits of heat pumps is that they can provide you with efficient comfort year-round. With a heat pump installed in your Phoenix home, you won’t have to alternate between an air conditioner and heater. Not only do heat pumps provide greater energy efficiency and savings, they also perform a climate control function by balancing the temperature within your home to counter the temperature outside–no matter the season.

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Common Problems Our Phoenix Heat Pump Experts Can Help You Resolve

Common issues affecting heat pumps include:

Excessive noise coming from the indoor unit

Are you hearing unusual sounds coming from your heat pump? If you notice loud ratting, gurgling, or even shrieking sounds, contact our experts right away for immediate troubleshooting.

Short cycling

Is your heat pump turning on and off repeatedly? Short cycling is one of the main signs of heat pump inefficiency and is caused by a variety of factors, including: frozen coils, dirty air filters, low refrigerant, and compressor problems. Our experts will identify the cause of the problem and help return your heat pump to full efficiency as soon as possible.

Ice buildup on the outdoor unit

Heat pumps are designed to defrost automatically to prevent ice buildup. But if there are pre-existing issues affecting your system (such as low refrigerant or damaged components), the heat pump will have trouble defrosting properly and may end up with severe frost buildup. Our experts will help you determine the source of the problem and safely defrost your heat pump.

Increase in utility bills

Heat pumps produced today are known for their energy efficient features. But if you are noticing a considerable increase in your utility bills without any major changes to your home, it might be time to have your heat pump checked for potential problems.

Old age

The average life expectancy of a heat pump is 15 years. If you have an older system that is giving you recurring problems, our experts can provide you with an honest assessment and let you know if a full system replacement is recommended.

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