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Blower door testing is the standard method to test to see how well-contained the air is within your home. A blower door is a powerful fan that we mount to your main door by using a tightly fitted frame and are able to depressurize or pressurize your home in order to identify how leaky or sealed up your home is. 

Performing this type of test can give you an idea of how your home’s insulation, doors and windows are working, and gives you the ability to see what modifications need to be made. After examining the different leaks in the house, we will be able to give you a list of cost-efficient measures you can take in order to ensure increased efficiency and containment of air.

Blower door testing is also required for all new homes built in the Phoenix metro area in order to comply with the International Energy Code and Compliance (IECC). All new homes in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe area must meet a code minimum requirement of 5 ACH 50. 

How Can You Prepare for a Blower Door Test?

  • Ensure that all your doors and windows are closed
  • Turn off your AC or heating system
  • Turn off all exhaust fans and kitchen ranges
  • Do not run your dryer
  • Ensure there are no ashes in your fireplace and if there is a damper, close it
  • Open all your interior doors
  • Seal up your doggy door
  • Ensure there are no holes in your drywall that are out of the ordinary
  • If gas appliances are within your building, turn them off and set them to “pilot”

Once this punch list has been accomplished, your auditor will be ready to run the blower door test! 

Blower door testing in progress

Duct Leakage Testing

Oftentimes, a blower door test is conducted alongside a duct leakage test. A duct leakage test can be accomplished a few different ways, including the blower door subtraction method, duct blaster method, and pressure pan method. 

While the blower door is running, a pressure pan is placed over the supply or return vents to determine the pressure entering in. If the duct system is sealed perfectly tight, the duct leakage readings should technically be zero.
All in all, there are many ways a blower door can be useful and helpful for determining energy loss and determining potential energy savings! 

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