Dense Pack

Do you have unexplainably high heating and cooling bills? Do you pay more to condition your home than your neighbors with similarly-sized homes? At Ideal Energy, home comfort and energy efficiency are our top priorities. We can help homeowners solve complex energy efficiency issues through home weatherization and insulation.

Dense Pack Insulation for Exterior Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

The dense pack insulation technique involves blowing insulation material into a wall cavity, ceiling, or floor under heavy pressure for a high dense pack R-value (or thermal resistance). When applied to retrofit walls in an existing home, dense pack cellulose is applied through holes in the drywall, siding, wall sheathing, or plaster. Because it doesn’t involve gutting the walls, dense pack is well suited for retrofitting existing homes and buildings.

At Ideal Energy, we typically use cellulose and/or fiberglass insulation when installing dense pack to make homes more energy efficient. Dense pack insulation is different than loose fill insulation and is excellent for preventing air infiltration in new construction and retrofits alike.

Insulation for Exceptional Energy Savings

One of the best and most economical ways to cut the energy bills in a home without properly insulated frame walls is to apply dense pack cellulose or fiberglass insulation to the wall cavities. We can use an infrared camera for quality control to ensure that we didn’t miss any cavities.

Ideal Energy: Your Insulation Contractor

As a locally-owned company dedicated to energy efficiency, the Ideal Energy team is skilled in diagnosing and solving home performance issues and gaps in building envelopes. We have extensive experience finding gaps and areas where insulation is underperforming. When applying dense pack insulation, we know how to do it correctly so won’t settle or lose performance over time. Our goal is to keep your energy bills down while improving home comfort.

Want to take home energy efficiency to the next level? Contact Ideal Energy today to find out about dense pack insulation for your home.

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