Insulation Removal

Many Phoenix, Arizona homes have insulation that has been damaged by water, perhaps from roof leaks or AC drain pan overflows. If your home has insulation that has been damaged by moisture, fire, rodents, or merely old age, it’s best to get the insulation removed before installing new cellulose or fiberglass insulation on the top.

Although most Phoenix homeowners rarely think of their insulation, removing old insulation is often the first step towards greater energy efficiency. The Ideal Energy team is skilled in insulation removal and other home weatherization projects.

Why Remove Damaged Insulation?

Insulation has a resistance to heat rating, which is what the industry refers to as R-value. When insulation is compressed, wet, burned, etc., it loses is effective R-value, making it less efficient and effective.

Unfortunately, attics are a popular place for wildlife, which can have an impact on how cool your home is in the summer and how warm it is in the winter. If your attic has rodents or other critters living in there, this can cause great damage to the insulation and can even result in a urine smell to leak into your home. Our attic abatement work involves removing insulation and using an attic vacuum to resolve this issue to get you on the road to home energy savings. You will be amazed by the results, especially during Phoenix-area heat waves.

Save on New Insulation With APS and SRP Rebates

Did you know that you can save $250 by insulating your home? Popular utility incentives reward homeowners for making their homes more energy efficient.

Ideal Energy: A Trusted Name in Home Energy Savings

In Scottsdale, Mesa, and Tempe, Arizona, the energy consumption between two similarly-sized homes can vary widely. In many cases, this is because of the house itself, not because of the actions of occupants. Ideal Energy contractors can significantly boost the energy efficiency of homes through common sense upgrades. This energy-saving improvements can benefit homeowners for decades to come.

Do you have damaged insulation? Contact Ideal Energy to schedule your insulation removal service.

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