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Gas leaks in your home can be extremely dangerous for your family, pets, and even visitors. At Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation, we offer high-quality home CO detectors to keep you and your family safe.

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous gas. It is an odorless, colorless, and potentially deadly gas.

Did you know that each year, more than 400 Americans die from CO poisoning that is not linked to fires? Although everyone is at risk of CO poisoning, some populations are at greater risk. Infants, people with chronic heart disease, the elderly, and people with breathing problems are more likely to become sick from even relatively low levels of carbon monoxide exposure.

Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisonings

The best way to protect your family in your Phoenix-area home is to use a high-quality carbon monoxide detector that has the ability to detect even low levels of carbon monoxide in the air. At Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation, we install the reliable carbon monoxide detectors with lithium-ion batteries to keep your family safe.

Carbon monoxide detector

Leading CO Monitor Technology

Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation installs top-of-the-line Defender carbon monoxide monitors. These systems have two non-removable lithium batteries and have a 10-year alarm and battery warranty. They feature a large, easy-to-read digital display and can monitor carbon monoxide levels from 10 parts per million. This protects your family from even low-level exposure that other CO monitors cannot detect.

Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation: Keeping You and Your Family Safe

Having a quality CO monitor with reliable Lithium batteries provides homeowners with peace of mind that their families are safe from this odorless, hard-to-detect threat. The systems that we install display peak CO levels and durations, giving you all the necessary information to mitigate your risk for a healthier home and safe indoor air quality. Another way to protect your family is to have your gas furnace tuned up and checked for gas leaks each year by a qualified HVAC contractor (like Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation).

CO Detector Installation

We take your family’s safety very seriously, and are very selective about monitor placement to get you the most accurate results possible. Our certified technicians are highly knowledgeable about home safety and HVAC equipment.

Want to protect your family from carbon monoxide gas? Contact Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation to install a carbon monoxide detector.

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