Whole-Home Surge Protection for Phoenix Homeowners

Power surges can happen unexpectedly and are often caused by lightning, an outdated electrical system, or your utility company making system updates. A power surge will last no longer than a second, but it is powerful enough to cause significant damage to your home appliances and electrical devices. Without a surge protector, your electrical equipment can crash and cost you thousands of dollars in damage.

Whole-home surge protection is the most efficient way to prevent unnecessary damage to your appliances and electrical equipment during an unexpected power surge. Our Phoenix, AZ electrical experts at Ideal Energy can help you set up whole-home surge protection and ensure the safety of your electrical system.

Call today to schedule an estimate for whole-home surge protection in Phoenix, AZ or surrounding areas. We serve most of Metro Phoenix, including Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, and nearby cities.

Why Should You Install Whole-Home Surge Protection?

Are you currently using surge strips or uninterruptible power supply units? These can help protect smaller electronics and devices such as your television, computer, or Internet lines. But they are often not enough to protect larger appliances and equipment. This means your air conditioner, stove, refrigerator, water heater, and other heavy-duty appliances are left vulnerable to power surges.

This is why whole-home surge protection is recommended for Phoenix area homeowners, particularly during monsoon storms during the summer when lightning can cause major damage and power outages. A whole-home surge protector can help keep your electrical equipment running efficiently and help you avoid thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs.

How Do Surge Protectors Work and How Can They Help Your Phoenix Home?

Power surges of more than 40,000 amps can be safely redirected with a quality whole-home surge protector. Whole-home surge protectors will instantly sense the slightest change in current, typically within nanoseconds. They react by quickly directing higher voltages to the ground wire instead of your home appliances and electrical equipment.

Safe and Accurate Surge Protector Installation Services in the Phoenix Area

Most homes will have Type 2 surge protectors installed. These will help protect your home from both small and large power surges. If you are ready to move ahead with surge protector installation, we are happy to go over your options and help you choose the right type of surge protector for your home.

Whole-house surge protectors are installed in the electrical panel. Existing circuit breakers may need to be moved to safely accommodate the surge protector. A licensed Phoenix surge protector installer and electrician will be able to provide the proper adjustments to your electrical panel, notify you of any potential concerns, and make sure the installation is completed safely.

At Ideal Energy we are committed to delivering the best solutions for our customers. Whether you are interested in learning more about whole-home surge protection or you are ready to move forward with installation, our team is here to explain your options and provide the honest solutions you need.

Contact us today to schedule an assessment and learn more about the surge protector installation process. Serving Phoenix, AZ and surrounding cities in the metro area.

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