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Inverter Ducted Packaged Heat Pump

Superior efficiency of Bosch Inverter Drive Technology, now available in a packaged unit.


Features & Benefits

  • Superior efficiency – rated at 18.5 SEER, 12 EER, 10 HSPF
  • Fully modulating Inverter Drive precisely matches the heating/cooling load
  • 85 Step Compressor (25% – 110% capacity), modulation in 1% increments
  • Two stage x13 ECM blower for enhanced humidity control and quiet operation
  • 2-way design allows for horizontal and downflow installations, air return/supply are convertible
  • Easy to install – compatible with most standard 24 VAC heat pump thermostats

Standard Features

  • R410A Chlorine-Free Refrigerant
  • Load 25%-110%
  • Intelligent Oil Return Technology
  • Inverter Driven Rotary Compressor
  • Crankcase Heater Standard
  • Compressor Sound Blanket
  • Multiple System Protection:
    • High pressure switch and low pressure transducer
    • Compressor liquid return protection
    • Compressor high or low compression ratio protection
    • Compressor high temperature protection
    • High / low voltage protection and over current protection
    • IPM and electronic control board high temperature protection
  • AHRI certified; ETL listed


Inverter Ducted Packaged Heat Pump

BRB-36HWD1N1-M1818.53 Ton35″47″51″
BRB-60HWD1N1-M1919.55 Ton45″52″52″

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Inverter Ducted Packaged Heat Pump

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