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Comfort™ Coil

Our Trane evaporator coils are specifically designed to work in union with your Trane outdoor condensing unit and furnace. They are carefully matched in size, efficiency and capacity to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency. Trane’s new enhanced fin design was developed to provide superior humidity control with the reliability and efficiency you expect.


Trane can help you make a perfect match

An AHRI matched Trane system gives you guaranteed performance and efficiency. When you install a new Trane air conditioner or heat pump, your dealer can help you select the right Heat Pump or Air Conditioner evaporator coil to match your home’s needs. Remember, your outdoor condensing unit and your indoor coil work together as a team—a new air conditioner’s efficiency will be significantly reduced if it’s paired with an old, existing coil or a non-Trane coil. An older coil, or a non-Trane coil, may even differ in cooling capacity and performance, leaving you with an unbalanced system and higher-than-necessary utility bills.

All-aluminum Comfort™ coils

With a strong heritage in aluminum outdoor coils, Trane has applied our innovative thinking to develop the industry’s first all-aluminum indoor coil. Rust-resistant and reduced levels of corrosion, our all-aluminum evaporator coils set a new industry standard by reducing leaks that often occur from corrosives like salt or common household cleaning products.

Tested for durability

Like all of the components in our high-quality home comfort systems, each evaporator coil goes through a rigorous testing stage to check for durability and to reduce leaks. We test each coil with burst pressures of 500 pounds per square inch followed by a Helium mass spectrometer which allows us to detect even extremely small leaks. Lasting durability means your home can be comfortable and efficient now and for years to come.

Peace of Mind

Indoor coils are often dirty because they’re usually difficult to clean. But all Trane Comfort™ Coils are designed for easy cleaning. Trane evaporator coils are made with 100% foil-backed insulation, so they can be easily wiped down. Also, all Trane Comfort™ Coils are professionally washed clean of manufacturing agents before being assembled. The result is a cleaner coil and cleaner air for your family and higher performance for your home.



4TXCA002DS3HCA18,000 – 24,0001.5 – 2.017.5″14.5″21.5″
4TXCB003DS3HCA18,000 – 36,0001.5 – 3.017.5″17.5″21.5″
4TXCB004DS3HCA24,000 – 42,0002.0 – 3.522.5″17.5″21.5″
4TXCB006DS3HCA24,000 – 48,0002.0 – 4.026.9″17.5″21.5″
4TXCC007DS3HCA36,000 – 60,0003.0 – 5.026.9″21.0″21.5″
4TXCC009DS3HCA42,000 – 60,0003.5 – 5.030.7″21.0″21.5″

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